Short stories tagged with Child Abuse

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A stint locked in the basement saves a young boy from unexpected danger. Living in his aunt's basement, a young boy imagines monsters coming to attack--until something much deadlier happens.

When a mixed-race Black woman attends her family reunion in North Carolina, she is unsure how to reveal to her family that her father has died and left her all his land.

A child chained in a cellar abused by their enraged parents decides to take matters into their own hands.

In seventeenth-century Delft, a fanatically curious fabric merchant invents the microscope. Even as he neglects and abuses his family, he discovers a new world of life.

In a town so small it can hardly be called a town, a black woman serves a rich white family until a series of horrific events causes the single joy in her life to vanish.

When an elderly woman finds a young boy in her backyard, she invites him inside. In the weeks that follow, the woman learns more about the boy's life with his abusive, drug-dealing uncle and decides she must take action.

After her husband's ex-wife's 9-year-old daughter visits, a woman is eager to return the girl and have time alone again. However, when she drops the girl off, she is appalled by the state of the girl's home and moved by the girl's desire to go back with her. The next day, she takes the child back in secret.

A child with an intellectual disability is endlessly abused by his stepmother, but takes refuge in his grandmother’s kindness. However, when his grandmother dies mysteriously in a fire, he finds a different way to cope.

When triplets Miriam, Louise, and Edward return to their small, suburban hometown, they must confront a 40-year-old scandal and their roles in ruining a man's life.

A nosey man living in a suburb regularly interacts with several neighbors but keeps his distance from one woman, whom he witnesses abuse her children verbally and physically. When the situation escalates, however, he must decide whether or not to intervene.