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A young girl obsessed with birdsong and other music finds a witch who helps her become a powerful and magical musician presiding over a remote coastal village. She becomes dissatisfied with the limits of her powers and decides to seek more.

With climate disaster looming in Florida's future, a struggling single mother finds herself battling crippling insomnia as she worries about her daughter's future.

When a young boy witnesses an odd event from the window of his small-town house, he begins to doubt the stability of the world around him.

When faced with cultural appropriation and police brutality, two Black women in different generations of the same family combine their ability to perform hoodoo with modern technology to remedy these abuses.

A young, Black woman clings desperately to a friendship and a relationship which both ended long ago. Through clashes with a "godmother" who appears as an apparition in her apartment, the woman finally resolves to move on.

Fed up with her creepy, controlling stepfather, a teenage girl goes against his rules and meets up with her old boyfriend. The pair stumble upon a dangerous secret that puts them both in grave danger.

When triplets Miriam, Louise, and Edward return to their small, suburban hometown, they must confront a 40-year-old scandal and their roles in ruining a man's life.

When a sheltered college kid meets his girlfriend’s brother, a young man with schizophrenia, his entire worldview shifts.

As he reflects on a murder perpetrated by his father, a college professor considers the history of his family and how race and violence intersect.

A grocery store worker is shot and killed in a neighborhood in New Orleans, and in the aftermath of the shooting, the entire neighborhood works to protect the killer.