Short stories published in 2021

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In the near future, two Black musicians receive body modifications that give them the ability to live underwater. But their new life is threatened when violent white supremacists begin to terrorize their community.

A college counselor watches anxiously as her teenage son applies to college without her help. As her son plans for his future, the counselor and her husband reflect on how quickly their lives have changed, seeking ways to steady themselves in the midst of middle age.

In an alternate America where demon hunting is part of the gig industry, a freelance slayer confronts their biggest foe yet. Help from a local hunter coven might be useful, but will they pride their independence too much to accept?

When a pop star whose music has a supernatural effect on her fans turns up dead, a documentary filmmaker interviews those who knew her to try to understand her downfall. Though she was an addict and accused of witchcraft by religious zealots, the singer’s ultimate undoing comes in the form of a forbidden romance.

In the near future, nanotechnology emerges that can give Black Americans the ability to live underwater in their own colonies, even as violent white supremacists work to terrorize these communities.

A traumatic incident changes a boy's baby brother, straining relationships within the boy's family as a whole.

When a friendly resident at a retirement home starts to decline in health and popularity, a woman reflects on what it means to grow old when there’s no one to look out for you.

A pregnant woman in Nigeria makes friends with a stranger at the hospital; next thing she knows he is ripping her baby out of her.

A trans man and his girlfriend living in Massachusetts have sex for the first time in a long time after she dresses in his clothes.

When a boy visits his father, he watches his uncle’s animosity toward his cousin escalate to dangerous heights.