Short stories tagged with White Supremacy

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In the near future, two Black musicians receive body modifications that give them the ability to live underwater. But their new life is threatened when violent white supremacists begin to terrorize their community.

In the near future, nanotechnology emerges that can give Black Americans the ability to live underwater in their own colonies, even as violent white supremacists work to terrorize these communities.

An individual from a dystopian space colony travels back to Earth on a special mission, assuming it has been ravaged by climate change since his leaders abandoned it. When he discovers Earth's humanity actually benefitted from their departure, he must decide where his allegiances lie.

In a lawless America, a tribe of vagabond minority teenagers stumble upon a town controlled by a White supremacist militia that eats non-White people and must rescue the captives before it's too late.

A ninth-grade girl who was sexually abused by her neo-Nazi math teacher struggles with traumatic and conflicting memories.

A PhD student travels to a rural Southern town to research a folk hymn for his dissertation. His research leads him to the discovery of a malicious cult that performs horrifying rituals.