Short stories tagged with Elitism

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A woman with an aversion to yelling regrets her wish to be deaf so that she does not need to marry her fiance who is being argumentative.

An individual from a dystopian space colony travels back to Earth on a special mission, assuming it has been ravaged by climate change since his leaders abandoned it. When he discovers Earth's humanity actually benefitted from their departure, he must decide where his allegiances lie.

An African American mother prepares dinner with her shy daughter as they wait for her other daughter, an educated graduate trying to embrace her African roots, to arrive. In a tense reunion, the educated daughter's newfound identity and ideals clash with the family's established lifestyle.

In this short story inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death", a teenage girls walks the streets of Cambridge and magically assassinates members of the 1% at an elite party.

In France, an extremely wealthy man who owns a porcelain collection is invited to lunch by an odd-ball art dealer who has an elderly, eccentric socialite friend that collects porcelain de sax.