Short stories published in 1927

Listing 19 stories.

A man, obsessed with a girl twenty-nine years younger than him, is taken to jail for trying to seduce a minor, and wishes he could find a way to help others understand their relationship.

After a middle-aged murderess is pardoned and released from prison early, she goes to live with a friend in Wisconsin who helps her begin her new life, until the local doctor shows interest in the murderess and threatens to come between the two women.

An anxious young woman wondering why her love interest isn't calling her and agonizes over what would happen if she called him.

A Basque woman tells a moving story of a found family with three daughters, born in unconventional circumstances.

A judge notorious for his harsh rulings finds himself conflicted when his beloved daughter begs him to save her criminal husband.

A boy and his father live on the open road for a year, after which is father forces him to make a choice - settle down or keep wandering.

An enigmatic, aging nightclub hostess finds her cool exterior challenged when an unexpected marriage proposal comes from a millionaire admirer.

An old lady takes her friend to her mother’s house for a meal, but when they arrive, things aren’t exactly as she remembers.

A London widow tells her employer the story of how she met her husband and how he died in the war. When she visits a war memorial for her husband and others who died in battle, she has a run in with local police and reporters that makes her thankful for what she has.

An amateur innkeeper struggles to demonstrate her knowledge of urban sophistication to her important guests and fails to grasp the benefits of authenticity to one’s heritage, leading to her mother being better-received by the guests.