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A down-and-out undercover police officer looks for potential crooks on the morning train to the airport.

An American recent divorcee travels to Germany using his inheritance money and falls in love with a prostitute who owns a monkey.

After a middle-aged murderess is pardoned and released from prison early, she goes to live with a friend in Wisconsin who helps her begin her new life, until the local doctor shows interest in the murderess and threatens to come between the two women.

A Black teenage boy in Illinois becomes obsessed with the idea of owning a gun–until he realizes that with the gun comes a level of adult responsibility he isn’t ready to assume.

A Japanese businessman reflects on his experience with Chinese people and longs to visit China.

A twenty-two-year-old male tutor gives various women feedback on their writing in letter form. When he quits his job, he visits one of his former correspondents for lunch at her apartment.

An African American man in his early-20s becomes renowned for his blues performances on the streets around the United States, playing for jail inmates, young couples, and passerbys alike.

A young woman makes a detour on her way home to visit a man she met on a train. Though the man is married, the woman hopes to rekindle the spark she felt during the train-ride.

In the 1980s, when one of the women in a New York female friend group is on the brink of death, her friends reflect on their children, particularly the ones who are gone, and their attachments to each other.

A team of workers hear a train whistle everyday on the job and speculate who is sounding the repetitive code.