Short stories tagged with Journey

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After crash landing on the moon, a young astronaut must continuously walk towards the setting sun in order to power the solar panels that will keep her alive.

A young woman makes a detour on her way home to visit a man she met on a train. Though the man is married, the woman hopes to rekindle the spark she felt during the train-ride.

Two men with very different roots meet through their work in an Oregon Cannery and decide to buy a fishing boat together. After their first boat capsizes, the two split up for a while, until loneliness brings them back together to try to fish again.

A young trader travels across the universe, criticizing the barbarism of different cultures. After he offends the values of Vikings in Western Europe, he must escape the forces that want him dead and make it back to his lover in his homeland, Eutopia.

A young woman grows up without magic in a magical family and society, with strict rules and roles that are often tied to gender. When she sets off on a journey and her adult life begins, she finds her worldview tested—especially when members of her family come out as transgender and begin to transition.

When a teenage girl falls in love with a stargazer, she goes on a journey to build a kite that will allow her to float up in the stars so that her lover notices her.

An exhausted husband and wife travel by foot and stop by a house to ask a woman for food. She is rude and only allows the wife to eat, but the wife saves some food for her husband so they can continue their long journey.

When a Haitian woman and her mother get on a boat to emigrate to Miami in the mid-twentieth century, chaos ensues as the passengers realize they are ill-equipped for the journey.

In a world of gods and demons, two young girls leave their village in search of better fortunes and adventure.

After his estranged wife is murdered in a jet ski accident, a husband embarks on a journey to avenge her.