Short stories tagged with Sad

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A nameless person tells a story of when they had an intimate conversation over dinner with a former schoolmate whom they idealized.

While assisting her neglectful family's con-work at a carnival, a thirteen-year-old girl is enticed by a mysterious high-school dropout who makes her feel seen.

A family goes on a ride that allows them to see their entire future.

A destitute Pakistani man asks to work for a wealthy family in modern-day Pakistan. When he loses something that he values most, the man finally learns the brutal reality of his position in society.

A successful scientist revisits his college town to meet up with his old friend - who now appears to be a bumbling alcoholic - in order to convince him to leave his cheating wife.

During World War I, a librarian has her heart broken by a soldier overseas and she tries to overcome her sadness.

A dying man claims he has been falsely accused of stealing. After the man dies, everybody believes the man's statement, until two men discover that the man isn't as honest as he seems, and they must decide whether to reveal the truth.

A somber woman mysteriously walks along the Rotherhithe docks for years. One day, she tells a stranger the disturbing story of her son who vanished at sea.

In a future where humanity is controlled by a massive computer called SUM, a man asks SUM to resurrect his dead lover. However, there is a price to pay for such a request.

After a man's wife dies he goes on a spiritual journey to find happiness after experiencing such loss.