Short stories published in 1939

Listing 31 stories.

A young American woman visits her lover in Austria, torn between her passion for him and his Nazi-aligning values. Her routine visits with him and his sister occur during historical annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany.

A well-known bullfighter grapples with the rising fame of a competitor known for his daring fighting methods. When the media begins to call the experienced fighter boring as the rivals' match approaches, the expert bullfighter must decide whether to alter his successful but obsolete methods to win back his audience.

In outer space, cat-like alien outwits its human captors until its own plan backfires.

A dying man claims he has been falsely accused of stealing. After the man dies, everybody believes the man's statement, until two men discover that the man isn't as honest as he seems, and they must decide whether to reveal the truth.

An injured man hopes to reconnect with his estranged wife, despite her love for another man.

After witnessing someone die, an egoistical man tries to live life more fully, only to be reminded by his sister that he hasn't really changed his selfish ways, and that everyone secretly dislikes him.

When a rude bartender yells at his meek customers, a man watches them retaliate.

Attempting to make a fortune off of growing and curing tobacco in the South, a white man hires a Black couple to harvest the crops. When he hires another white man who disrespects the Black couple even less, he must begrudgingly intervene.

A young pianist is afraid he will lose his job. When his boss becomes interested in a girl he is dating, he has the choice to maintain the relationship or use the girl to stay in the boss' good graces.

An attorney in Mississippi investigates a recent death case, finding a backstabbing and money-driven scheme behind it.