Short stories published in Esquire

Esquire magazine, first published in 1933, is an American men's magazine that covers a wide range of topics including fashion, lifestyle, culture, and politics.

Listing 82 stories.

A college girl becomes her professor's mistress and moves into his home with his wife and children. After she becomes pregnant, the wife is pushed to make a tragic decision to escape her crumbling marriage and protect the young new mother.

After several divorces and the death of his daughter, a man receives a terminal diagnosis himself, and ends up exploiting his impending death to amuse himself. At his deathbed, however, he is granted a moment of clarity where he can finally be his true self.

A young girl loses her sense of self while trying to buy a present for her father, and realizes that she is out of money and has wasted an expensive trip drinking with her friends.

A woman finds herself impregnated out of wedlock by a man who suddenly decides that he will only marry a ‘pure’ woman. She conceals the pregnancy from him in order to go forward with the marriage, but his adultery and continued irresponsibility after their wedding give her a second chance at motherhood.

A white innkeeper in Denmark has a strange encounter with a large black sailor who asks for a room and the company of a prostitute.

A merchant in Austria tells stories to customers about the former Emperor during the Great War and their unlikely friendship — one that he feels impacted the trajectory of the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire.

A New York bartender attempts to engage in a conversation about owning comets — as in, the ones in space —with his somewhat crazy customer.

A woman is set to leave the ranch and go home to live with her family, but her jobless partner tries to convince her to take a chance and stay.

A dying man claims he has been falsely accused of stealing. After the man dies, everybody believes the man's statement, until two men discover that the man isn't as honest as he seems, and they must decide whether to reveal the truth.

A writer finds himself entangled in the lives of his college friends, an ex-literature professor and his wife, decades after they graduate. They pursue love and their literary dreams mind a chaotic New York City of the 1960s.