Short stories tagged with Lying

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A New York bartender attempts to engage in a conversation about owning comets — as in, the ones in space —with his somewhat crazy customer.

In the absence of his parents, a young boy reluctantly turns to his elderly maid for help when his piano teacher starts to make inappropriate advances on him.

A man in the metalworking industry is blinded by a tragic work accident and finds himself using humor as a coping mechanism and way to cover up his own fears while in the hospital.

After falling in love with another man, an insecure woman attempts to discuss her current marriage with her husband while they drink in a bar.

After a man is executed by the state of Florida for murdering a police officer, his teenage son moves to an island with his grandmother. There, his grandmother looks through hundreds of photographs and postcards from her son's travels; she is particularly entranced by his postcards from Morocco and begins lying about them as a kind of game.

A would-be burglar enters a suburban home. In the same town, a woman drives home for an exterminator appointment, and her husband tries to write the season premiere of a time-traveling crime show.

A passionate, dissatisfied woman considers her marriage and her life as she views herself through the distortion of her cracked mirror.

A man is forced to reconsider his suspicions of superstition when a racketeer decides the man is good luck.

A stubborn and grumpy letter writer is detained in a palace for the crimes of his so-called brother during the Iranian Revolution.

A man in charge of the instructors who teach English is proud of his college's football team. However, when one of the football players can't play because of a failing grade in an English class, the man tries to convince the professor to change the footballer's grade.