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A man in the metalworking industry is blinded by a tragic work accident and finds himself using humor as a coping mechanism and way to cover up his own fears while in the hospital.

In a small mountain town, a man waits anxiously while his wife goes into labor. As her screams grow more desperate, he wonders if his wife--and baby--will survive the ordeal.

A man tries to understand the seemingly contradictory personality of a fellow American soldier.

On the beaches of a remote British Caribbean Island, a mixed-race family enjoys a relaxing vacation. However, a simple conversation with a local white woman about the island soon evolves into one of introspection and racial discrimination.

In a world plagued by a global pandemic, a doctor in a high-security laboratory helps a patient regain their strength and memories. Over time, the patient learns the shocking truth about their relationship with the doctor and the events that led them to their current condition.