Short stories tagged with Segregation

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A schoolteacher at a newly desegregated Southern school agonizes over whether to turn a Black student in for the murder of a white boy in an alley fight, in order to prevent a white mob from murdering the student's friends and family. The Black student explains he didn't commit the murder and only acted in self-defense, but he insists on turning himself in to protect his neighborhood.

In Jim Crow America, a newly animate Black doll struggles to find herself a loving human friend.

In an integrating society, an unprejudiced son and his racist mother encounter a Black family on a bus, forcing the mother to grapple with her racist sentiments.

In the early twentieth century, a daughter of plantation owners enjoys playing with the daughter of her black nanny. When she is required to play with a white girl from another plantation, she struggles between keeping her original friendship and succumbing to the racist pressures of her society.

An early twentieth-century housewife moves with her family to the deep South. When a runaway horse appears in her yard, she questions her town's casual racism as they make assumptions about the horse's owner.

In the near future, the United States has set aside designated areas for each group of ethnic minorities. After growing up in one of the cultural conservation units, three dancers consider leading a life outside their home.

In a segregated America at the onset of World War II, strange, explosive “stumps”—formed out of spores and resembling wooden statues of the recently deceased—have begun to appear all over cities. To neutralize and remove these stumps, a new government agency has employed a group of singers whose unique vocal resonance can turn the stumps to dust. But when the only two Black female “exterminators” in Chicago—a God-fearing goody two-shoes and a brash blues singer—uncover the agency's corrupt secrets, they decide to stage a rebellion.

At the height of Jim Crow, a white American boy watches a baseball game that pits their town's Black and white residents against one another. When the white side begins to inflict harm on the Black team in order to win, the boy witnesses the violent reality of racism for the first time.

A Black veteran determined to vote in 1950's Louisiana must overcome numerous acts of racial terrorism on his way to the courthouse.

On the beaches of a remote British Caribbean Island, a mixed-race family enjoys a relaxing vacation. However, a simple conversation with a local white woman about the island soon evolves into one of introspection and racial discrimination.