Short stories published in 1968

Listing 29 stories.

Faced with the consequences of his actions, a scientist decides to live in fantasy rather than confront the pain he's caused.

A writer summers with his mistress and part of her family. The group runs into one of his former students, and they all smoke together.

A Jewish family in Brooklyn must contemplate their own zealous beliefs when it develops into a mental disorder in their six-year-old son.

A young girl struggles with the idea of gender roles while helping with her father's fox farming business.

A young woman is returning to her husband and parents in New York, after having left her husband for a brief affair. As her father drives her home and reminisces on the hard work it took to build a life at their farmhouse, she learns that he hasn't told anyone else she's coming home.

Howie grows up to be a collegiate student athlete knowing that his best friend, Eddie, should have been, too.

A young Black aspiring writer takes a job as a janitor in a building near Harvard Square where he befriends his retired predecessor and gains a new perspective on life.

In a small village in Ireland, a single mother of three copes with the loss of her husband and the increasingly hectic responsibilities of raising three daughters by seeking happiness above all else.

A good-hearted cop obsessed with the game of pool is exposed as a thrill-seeker who loves abusing the power that comes with his job

A couple goes on a trip from Boston to Cape Cod and visit a fortune teller in the process.