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When a fallen angel makes it her mission to help humanity, she realizes her efforts come at a cost. Though she manages to save several innocent children from violence and tragedy, she begins to become more and more human, feeling herself growing increasingly angry and vengeful.

With a fresh fade and new Jordans, a teenage boy hopes his new look will impress his crush, but worries that their differences are too extreme.

In the near future, an investigative journalist interviews several key players in the rise of a genetic enhancement drug that has made predominantly white Americans Black.

When faced with cultural appropriation and police brutality, two Black women in different generations of the same family combine their ability to perform hoodoo with modern technology to remedy these abuses.

A young man secretly fathers a child that he grooms from afar to be the perfect child he can use as a control in his experiment comparing the white experience and the Black experience.

When a young black man from the Bronx unwittingly becomes an accomplice to the murder of a police officer, he must protect the murderer (his best friend) and flee the life he used to know.

A good-hearted cop obsessed with the game of pool is exposed as a thrill-seeker who loves abusing the power that comes with his job

On a scorching summer's day in a small town, prisoners comb through a field in order to find the body of a dead girl.

In a post-apocalyptic America, two brothers travel across the country to find a woman who can help save one of them from a terrifying magical fate.

A young, optimist white teacher in New York takes a job at an all-Black school, determined to break through to his students and properly teach them, despite being stuck in a school system that has continually failed them.