Short stories tagged with Imprisonment

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A man recalls his time in a mental health facility, focusing on a friend who made all the patients' lives happier through his radiant positivity.

When faced with cultural appropriation and police brutality, two Black women in different generations of the same family combine their ability to perform hoodoo with modern technology to remedy these abuses.

In a future decimated by rising tides and extreme weather, the people of Earth have been displaced from their land and look to the sea to establish new civilizations. In order to survey the ocean and explore its resources, the U.S. Navy enlists an all-female cohort of “military mermaids,” whose human limbs and organs are genetically modified into fins and gills.

In 1970, under the repressive Greek junta, two old friends are reunited as political prisoners in a detainment camp. When one of them falls in love with a painter and muralist mural, he begins to wonder if one of her artwords holds the secret to their fates.

An American visits an Israeli friend from his past who had recently emigrated to Maine and gotten remarried. They discuss the hostage situation in the Middle East and she reflects on where her loyalties lie.

A Portuguese girl in Hong-Kong finds her circumstances suddenly changed with the onset of the Sino-Japanese War, and struggles to find her way out of China despite the ubiquitous presence of the Japanese officers and spiteful former lovers.

A young girl is captured by scavenger army raiders, separated from her mother, and—alongside other children—forced to rummage the post-apocalyptic ruins of the raiders’ town. In the wasteland, she finds an artifact from the Before, offering her and the other captives a chance at freedom.

In a Wonderland where Alice is now the Red Queen, her maid walks a dangerous line between absolute loyalty and treason to the crown.

In the far future, an alien civilization captures pacifist protesters and, as punishment, turns them into mind-controlled soldiers forced to commit violence. Will they be able to resist the effects of the mind-controlling drug and rebel?

A man happens upon unexpected luck in a casino, but the reason for his winnings seems mysteriously tied to a beautiful woman’s death at a slot machine.