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A tale of betrayal reveals that some people can't be trusted––and some people may not be people at all.

After her father's mysterious death, a young girl relies on ancestral spirits and cultural dances to save her from her step-mother's attempts to mutilate her (FGM).

A grandfather writes a letter to his grandson at some point in 2020’s. His grandson wants to know about someone referred to as J, but he implores Robbie to stay away from her through his recollections and realizations about family love.

A young girl living with her grandparents is spectator to the conflicts between the members of their restaurant family—including their vicious guard dog, to who she forms an attachment.

In a Wonderland where Alice is now the Red Queen, her maid walks a dangerous line between absolute loyalty and treason to the crown.

A woman grapples with how quickly time slips by with a new baby, and how to protect her, as her partner stresses over the doom and gloom of the news.

A man who sponsors his cousin’s immigration to America struggles to protect his daughter from the hard truths of his relative’s experience in Nazi concentration camps.

A party traveling west to California experiences unspeakable horror when they become trapped on an impassable trail in the winter.

A white teacher and her Navajo students try to protect the last eagle on their territory from a hunter in a helicopter. They end up engaging in direct combat with the helicopter, with the eagle even participating as well.

In a small Wyoming town a married Christian roofer who fancies himself an outlaw visits a glory hole when he's meant to be home early to get the kids ready for school the next morning. His wife finds out from a call from jail, and she shoots a bear for digging up her garden.