Short stories tagged with Shapeshifting

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In New Orleans, two sisters survive Hurricane Katrina, but one is left unalterably damaged by the storm.

In a futuristic, war-torn Asian city, a shapeshifting nine-tailed fox's quest to permanently take on human form is interrupted when he's captured by a renegade soldier.

A Chinese American girl is sent to repair the malfunctioning universe on the verge of breaking down. She learns that fixing the world may mean the demise of her comatose mother and must decide if she can fulfill her duties.

A Black female spy has the ability to physically transform into whoever she wants, but her mental shifts are proving to be much more difficult. While on an assignment in China, she begins to crack under the pressure, leading to disastrous results.

A crew of hired muscle are tasked with protecting a ship of full of strange rats and a mysterious princess.

A party traveling west to California experiences unspeakable horror when they become trapped on an impassable trail in the winter.

In a technologically advanced universe, an irritable music student living on a space station is visited by a strange creature seeking household employment.

After his drug dealing guardian brings a mysterious guest from California back to their small-town Ohio home, a teenage boy grows wary of the drinking and drug-laced life he’s lived so far. When he discovers his uncle’s true intentions and his guest’s fantastical identity, the boy and the guest hatch a plan to escape.

As a teenage girl stumbles upon a mysterious portal leading her to a utopian, magical world, her storyline converges with that of the author—a middle-aged, married mother of two who has come out as asexual to her husband—leading both to a reckoning with their unfulfilling romantic relationships and deepest desires.

A Black man survives a train crash that he caused, and thinks back on the mysterious stranger who revealed his true heritage to him: he is a shoggoth, a slave of the Elder Things, and in causing the crash he has set himself free.