Short stories tagged with Sorcery

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When a heartbroken court doctor is banished to a remote village in the Middle East, he gets summoned to help a hermit couple with an unusual medical procedure.

After his girlfriend begins going to a hypnotist, a man visits him too and finds himself plagued by horrific visions of death that start to blur with reality.

Before she can become a full sorceress, a young and talented female magician must pass her sorceress trials and overcome the dangers of Pride, Stagnation, Pain, and Panic.

A crew of hired muscle are tasked with protecting a ship of full of strange rats and a mysterious princess.

Lonely and sickly, the Andalusian Hebrew poet Solomon ibn Gabirol creates a golem to care for him. But the golem possesses more life than he expected and kills him as well as several others before fleeing and starting a new life.

A young orphaned girl seeks to escape her tribal world and the expectations of her aunts by locating the forbidden magic within her.