Short stories by Laird Barron

Laird Barron is an American author and poet, much of whose work is in the horror and dark fiction genres. His works include The Imago Sequence and Other Stories; Swift to Chase; and Blood Standard.

Listing 9 stories.

When a pair of scientists studying the Badlands observe strange behavior in nearby animals, they too begin to fall under an evil influence that turns them against each other.

A big-game hunter pursues an elusive stag, rumored to be the devil's spawn, and must face satanic forces in the woods when a member of his elite hunting party disappears.

A former dog-sled racer becomes the prey of a cult called 'The Hunt.' He flees to his friend's cabin across the country, where he contemplates how his past choices brought him face-to-face with demonic beings.

A young woman attending a party with her obscure boyfriend is a witness to a dire cosmic event that thrusts her into a new, desolate existence.

An aging woman obsessed with mysterious accidents finally meets the monster she’s been searching for ever since her father’s disappearance years before.

After his girlfriend begins going to a hypnotist, a man visits him too and finds himself plagued by horrific visions of death that start to blur with reality.

While in India on a ritzy business trip, a museum curator has been instructed to find art that leaves an impression on him. His search leads him to a terrifying place where acts of violence are considered "art."

A grieving widow uses an ancient artifact to communicate with her husband and son, but soon finds herself haunted by death.

A man discovers his wife cheating on him with her colleague and resolves to kill him, but when the camping trip where he plans to follow through with his homicidal ideation brings him face to face with death, he must reexamine his past to fully understand what he has become.