Short stories tagged with Gruesome

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In the near future, a voice actor narrating a documentary learns about a man who collected and recorded music during the height of the zombie plague, and the strange music he discovered in Appalachia.

A former dog-sled racer becomes the prey of a cult called 'The Hunt.' He flees to his friend's cabin across the country, where he contemplates how his past choices brought him face-to-face with demonic beings.

The crew aboard a freight ship are gruesomely murdered in a sacrificial and ritualistic manner.

Under the cover of secretarial work in a psychiatric unit, the protagonist records patients’ dreams in a logbook dedicated to Johnny Panic, believing themself a disciple to the omniscient master of fear and creator of all dreams. When the protagonist spends the night at the unit for unfettered access to patient records, the clinic director takes them away to a secure room for electroshock therapy.

An anonymous, disturbed man travels aimlessly across the desert, murdering families within their own homes in a slew of small-town and highway killings.

An employee of a tech company attends the yearly business conference on a boat only to be one of just a few individuals who remain unaffected by a mysterious illness.

Two paranormal investigators disguised as insurance agents find themselves inspecting a suburban Canadian home after the accidental and gruesome deaths of two elderly residents.