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The child of two psychiatrists grows up in a social bubble consisting of her parents' colleagues and their children. She forms a special bond with one of the colleagues in particular, an asexual male psychologist who functions as an aunt.

A woman with an aversion to yelling regrets her wish to be deaf so that she does not need to marry her fiance who is being argumentative.

A middle-aged male psychiatrist has the ability to see into others' minds and help create dreamscapes. When he encounters a blind woman, he does everything in his power to introduce her to sight within her dreams.

Under the cover of secretarial work in a psychiatric unit, the protagonist records patients’ dreams in a logbook dedicated to Johnny Panic, believing themself a disciple to the omniscient master of fear and creator of all dreams. When the protagonist spends the night at the unit for unfettered access to patient records, the clinic director takes them away to a secure room for electroshock therapy.

A girl cares for her mentally unwell sister. When their family therapist passes away, the girl must help her sister grieve.

A young adult moves back in with her mother after a stint in a psychiatric hospital for acts of arson. She soon learns her mother, and her mother's affairs, haven't changed a bit, but she tries not to let her mother's poor decisions be her downfall.