Short stories tagged with Sisterhood

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The youngest sister of three gives a future king a prophetic warning and must face a village that believes she is an evil witch.

After her sister dies, an actress in New York uses her supernatural powers to manipulate time and try to save her sister, but each attempt causes uncontrollable side effects that threaten to destroy the world.

In a small rural town in the 1930s, three friends — a farmer’s wife, a music teacher and adulteress, and a single huntswoman — drift away from one another as they grow older, choosing unexpected futures for themselves.

An expatriate and veteran of the Jazz Age tries to regain custody of his daughter, but the ghosts of his darkly opulent lifestyle stand in the way.

A mystic woman rules over her island and recounts the journey she took to get there. From Boston as a young, Black girl to a wealthy French estate owner, nobody can seem to take their eyes off of her.

On a ship heading for America, a young Jewish girl, having spent her childhood during World War II, is determined to have her first kiss before she reaches the other side of the Atlantic.

Two young girls trusted their mother to bring them to place where they could have a better life, but now they are stranded on a mid-Atlantic island. Can they keep each other alive?

After a hospital nurse who is also a church sister has an argument with an atheist patient that nearly gets her fired from her job, she surprisingly convinces him to come to her church.

When a young adult accompanies her avoidant mother to a mammogram appointment during a visit to her suburban hometown, she receives terrible news that throws her identity in flux.

A group of young Black women known as the "Furious Girls" are ostracized by their town because of their often destructive ability to create fire. However, when a natural disaster looms over the town, the girls must return to save the people they love.