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After her sister dies, an actress in New York uses her supernatural powers to manipulate time and try to save her sister, but each attempt causes uncontrollable side effects that threaten to destroy the world.

As they hide from an enemy in their house, a woman and man argue about the nature of the enemy--whether it is human or weather-related.

A hardworking middle-manager of the nineteenth century railroad trade helps his boss seek revenge against their old company after the two are fired. While his coworkers question his unconventional management choices, he proves himself to be a skilled leader.

A young woman and her husband move from New York City to Oklahoma. While visiting a home for her new job as a real estate copywriter, a tornado hits.

A drunken, lonely man's ranch becomes the site of problems one Wyoming summer, as the ranching community is riddled with misfortune and relational tensions.

Three friends in a magical world descend a staircase into the abyss at the edge of the world and encounter forces they can't control.

A man reflects on the past week while an unexpected storm rages outside, and he compares the events that follow with the fall of the Roman Empire.

On a fatally cold winter night, two brothers make the trek to their parents' barn where they guard the expensive machinery.

A young college professor struggles with how to communicate with her father after she learns that he has prostate cancer.

A delusional ruler puts the sun on trial to convince his people that the world is in an ice age, when it is actually unbearably hot. When a child's grandfather is forced to defend the sun, he is punished for revealing the truth.