Short stories published in 1948

Listing 36 stories.

In the 1930s, after flunking out of college, a young American man travels to Vienna where he meets a Jewish girl living on the floor below him. He returns home a few months later, but when the Nazis invade Vienna he can't help but think of the girl he once knew.

A weary medical officer struggles to keep watch during the night shift in a naval prison hospital, even as the prisoners begin to cause trouble.

A group of friends gather for a picnic, but as they over-indulge in alcohol, the picnic spirals disturbingly into near-death encounters and emotional distress.

A woman is fascinated by her neighbor's strange evening ritual of slamming a metal saber into her balcony wall.

A boy comes to live at an Indian reservation after being orphaned when his grandmother dies.

A successful scientist revisits his college town to meet up with his old friend - who now appears to be a bumbling alcoholic - in order to convince him to leave his cheating wife.

A young boy living with his aunt and uncle, who are immigrants from Russia, watches as his family slips into poverty during the Great Depression.

A reclusive woman in the Metropolitan Museum of Art sees a former acquaintance from a distance. She tries to avoid him, but fate brings them together again.

A boy and his friends swim in a river near their small hometown. After, the boy watches as his older brother splits off from the group to chat with a girl, and leaves his boyhood behind.

A writer staying in Cape Cod spends one last evening with his friends, a married couple, wishing they wouldn't return to the city. He is reminded of how lonely he feels living on his own and implores the couple to stay.