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After watching his father's infidelity slowly poison the family dynamic and his mother's happiness, a young, gay Afro-Latinx boy meets his father's mistress.

A middle-aged man in a small Northern town is desperate to escape his mundane routines and imagines rash and violent actions that might give his life meaning.

A successful scientist revisits his college town to meet up with his old friend - who now appears to be a bumbling alcoholic - in order to convince him to leave his cheating wife.

A mid-career academic at a New England college confronts a plagiarizing frat boy and unearths her own troubled past as a graduate student navigating a male-dominated field in the process.

A middle-school girl is pulled out of math class to identify a battered corpse that the police believe to be her often absent and unavailable mother.

An academic who is dying from breast cancer and high on morphine reflects on her sense of failure in her lifelong pursuit of artistic brilliance. She decides her failing body has become her great work of art.

A man, uprooting from his life in San Fransisco, takes on a rider on his long drive towards Denver, but finds they don't get along.

A dancer becomes disillusioned after moving to Tel Aviv to study under a long admired choreographer. Once she begins to see an actor's face at pivotal points in her life, she decides to quit the dance company and leave Tel Aviv.

While recovering from an illness, a little girl makes an enchanting discovery.

Otto, a middle-aged lawyer, is invited to his estranged family's Thanksgiving dinner with the stipulation that Otto must attempt to bring along his reclusive younger sister.