Short stories tagged with Flashback

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An old man recalls how the death of King Kong caused him to lose someone he loved.

A middle-aged Nigerian man visits his aging parents and remembers his childhood connection with the family's old houseboy. Memory reveals their friendship and betrayal.

A middle-aged writer turns back the clock by twenty years and narrates his ill-fated romance with the beautiful but unattainable girl from his memories.

Blood, sweat and bronco balls: a white East Coaster doesn’t know what life is like for Wyoming cowboys and part-Indians until he’s spent a day gelding. That’s castrating stallions, for all you white East Coasters.

A college professor goes on a wilderness retreat to better connect with some ideas of American Literature, but his plan backfires and turns into a learning moment for his students.

After their friend passes away, a man attends the funeral and falls deep into reverie while hearing a song's drum beats.

The life of a young Japanese man becomes intimately intertwined with his deceased best-friend's girlfriend, as they each navigate the past in search of lost time.

On a visit to his old family farm in the Great Plains, a man recalls his tumultuous relationship with his now-deceased brother. In the process, he must reckon with the continued influence of familial trauma and confront his own ambiguous role in his brother's death.

A Polish-Israeli produce vendor's son is mystified by his father's kind treatment of a philosophy professor as he slowly learns of the murders in the man's past.

A father contemplates whether he should kiss his son on the lips when saying good night.