Short stories tagged with First Person Narrative

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A womanizing young man agonizes over the death of his girlfriend, acting in self-sabotaging ways and ignoring the pleas of his parents to stop.

A middle-aged writer turns back the clock by twenty years and narrates his ill-fated romance with the beautiful but unattainable girl from his memories.

After a woman reads that her friend and fellow nun has died, she thinks back to how they became friends and decides to make the journey back to their convent to pay her respects.

A sports announcer strikes up an unlikely friendship with a stubborn baseball player nearing the end of his career and tries to convince him to go home to his family. Despite a long, successful baseball career, Steve Sprissel isn't ready to return home to his children, until he befriends a sports announcer who's ready to change his mind.

A wary husband reluctantly allows an old, blind friend of his wife’s to visit their home, prompting an unlikely connection between the two men.

A college professor goes on a wilderness retreat to better connect with some ideas of American Literature, but his plan backfires and turns into a learning moment for his students.

On a ship journeying from earth to a post-apocalyptic world, a young mother gives birth to a daughter with white fur. The mother, who's been having strange dreams about a bear prince, wonders if her child's unique appearance is related to these visions.

A dysfunctional couple argues while detectives search their Bay Area neighborhood for a man who stabbed a police officer.

For a teenage boy living in Nashville, Tennessee, it is impossible to be close with his grandfather the way his parents expect them to be. Although they call the same area home, the grandfather and grandson come from opposite worlds.

A writer wakes up every day hoping each day would be the day he finally manages to write, though each day he finds new reasons to delay his writing.