Short stories published in 1975

Listing 23 stories.

A womanizing young man agonizes over the death of his girlfriend, acting in self-sabotaging ways and ignoring the pleas of his parents to stop.

Three US time travelers in a Cold War alternative history get stuck in a time loop and decide to kill themselves to escape it. Unbeknownst to two of them, the attempt to cause their own demise will doom them to the time loop forever.

Trying to escape his Jewish past with the Holocaust, Luchinski is a Polish man who serves as a UN diplomat to an African country. He encounters people who and experiences that encourage him come to terms with his identity and past, but shows little signs of change.

When a woman reunites with her old college professor slash lover, it takes her back to her college-aged self and makes her feel immature and childlike again.

A couple spends a hot summer night regaling each other with the dreams that have stirred them awake, leaving them to consider their relationship and whether they want to remain together.

A conversation in a shopping mall ends with a call to security.

To hear his friends and readers tell it, an American war correspondent based in Saigon is losing touch with reality. But to him, the opposite is true. Through studies of the Vietnamese people and fantastical letters to his children, he alternately tries to confront and embrace the world as it truly is.

A man and his pregnant wife move from St. Louis to upstate Maine with their two boys. One Sunday, the man brings his two boys to the dockyard and must navigate how to parent as a working-class dad.

A young Black man returns home to his small Ohio town from Vietnam and becomes a drug pusher to make money, only to face that violence of a father after his son dies of a suspected drug overdose.

After a young man runs away and is said to be hiding in a canyon, his co-worker sets out to find him and ends up sharing his painful backstory of fear and lost opportunity.