Short stories tagged with Materialism

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In the 1930s, a young American girl and an Englishwoman board a bus to Biarritz, France. On the trip, the woman attempts to indoctrinate the young girl about living a life of luxury.

A young man who went broke moves back to Chicago and lives in his aunt's basement. Meanwhile, he becomes a roofer where he is exposed to a spectrum of poverty, racism, and power among his colleagues.

A conversation in a shopping mall ends with a call to security.

A family going for a ride in their new car makes a wrong turn onto an incredibly trafficked freeway leading to an unknown place.

After building their dream rural life together in the mountains, a humble couple goes into Rome for their honeymoon and begins to question if their partner would be more satisfied with someone resembling the modern city dwellers around them.

A woman frantically prepares for an open house, but things go awry as revelations about her past marriages and identity arise.

A young woman discusses with her mother her regret for marrying an older wealthy man who lives in their boarding house. The mother, tired of the family's financial struggles, attempts to motivate her daughter to start a better life with her new husband.

After their band breaks up, a woman and her boyfriend take up an itinerant lifestyle in Idaho. As she wanders through the wilderness and the small farming town, a sense of the inevitable, of the unspeakable, begins to dawn on her: She contemplates murdering her own baby.

Stuck on a train ride with his overbearing wife, a stifled husband questions a fellow passenger about the meaning of love.

An aging electrical engineer's intensifying sensation of detachment culminates in a series of debilitating headaches. As he works through fatigue, setbacks, and pain, he finally confronts the source of his desolation.