Short stories published in The Literary Review

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Altagracia, a middle schooler from Mexico, is cruelly and suddenly stolen from her home and trafficked to the United States. At the first chance she gets, she runs as fast as she can.

Guided by his late grandfather's wisdom, a young man in 1970s America must continuously attempt to stand up against a colleague's violence and console the man's distressed girlfriend, even when she is tragically hospitalized.

A drunken repo man takes a gangster's car and tells himself he is not afraid of the consequences.

In a mountainous Haitian village, a missionary has his work interrupted by an unexpected guest who is a stranger to the local culture and blends African spirituality with Christian religion.

While attempting to convince an older man that his son has not gone to the devil, a professor engages in discussion about the shape of the earth.

After a white sheriff's deputy arrests a Black man in 1968, a winter storm causes him to take refuge in a garage, and the two Black brothers who work there make the deputy question his position and his morals.

After taking sudden interest in one of his students, a disgruntled New York public school teacher realizes his assumptions about the apathy of his class are completely wrong.

A husband and wife from San Francisco are desperate for money to keep their start-up afloat. They seek out the help of one of the woman's past flames, who is now a wealthy marijuana farmer.

With the final wish of his bedridden grandmother being for him to marry a woman of his parents' choosing, a Chinese man finds himself entering an arranged marriage—despite already having a wife.

In the face of unwanted romantic advances and a discriminatory landlord, a recently divorced Indian American woman struggles to find her place in Cedar Falls, Iowa.