Short stories tagged with Ritual

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In a retelling of the story of Helen of Troy from the Iliad, King Agamemnon's daughter grapples with rage and sorrow when her father agrees to sacrifice her to appease the gods.

A French detective adopts an Indigenous Brazilian boy interested in anthropology.

Professor gives a talk about the human appetite for death

A baseball pitcher feels the intense pressure of an important game as he looks back on his successful career and the tension it created with his distant father.

In a society where Jesus clones are commonplace, a group of Jesus clones try to awaken their holy powers by attempting to kill a teenage girl and raise her from the dead.

The crew aboard a freight ship are gruesomely murdered in a sacrificial and ritualistic manner.

Having survived the apocalypse for a few years with his buddy cop, a sheriff has to reflect on what he's living for when his friend dies and the threat continues to loom outside.

In a mountainous Haitian village, a missionary has his work interrupted by an unexpected guest who is a stranger to the local culture and blends African spirituality with Christian religion.

A young boy stumbles across his grandma's bingo hall and accidentally catches the attention of the cult-like group.

An American boy in an Italian village continues to unravel the rumors surrounding a neighboring village until he learns the dark truth behind the village's monsters and rituals.