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In a society where Jesus clones are commonplace, a group of Jesus clones try to awaken their holy powers by attempting to kill a teenage girl and raise her from the dead.

Kayla and S.T. barge unsuccessfully through several Shabbos parties in search of booze and a boy, finally resigning and turning in, happy to have each other.

When climate change leads to oil scarcity in a dystopian future, a former racecar legend and his pit crew redirect their skills to hijacking highway tankers carrying precious oil for profit. Despite the dangers of the job, it is the love between the crew mates that ultimately leads to their downfall. In a dystopian America ravaged by climate change, an oil scarcity turns a former racecar legend and his pit crew into gasoline outlaws, rustling highway tankers for profit. But a lover's quarrel seeks to undo all of their success.

In 1980s Massachusetts, two high school friends investigate a mysterious neighbor who they believe is an infamous fugitive.

A former Marine suffering from PTSD kills a teenage boy on the beach during a paranoid episode, forcing his childhood best friend and military buddy to come try to bring him in—dead or alive.

Two girls on the run use their wits and charm to steal from wealthy patrons. On their way to yet another party, they make a wrong turn and end up in the company of ghosts who are unaware they were previously killed by a building collapse.

A newly out and divorced father navigates his familial and sexual relationships while longing for some further purpose in life.

A young Black girl tags along with her best friend to club in the city, and the two of them lose their virginities.

In New Jersey, a punk-obsessed Dominican teenager deals with a tumultuous relationship with her mother, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. At a breaking point, she runs away from home.