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A woman with an aversion to yelling regrets her wish to be deaf so that she does not need to marry her fiance who is being argumentative.

When a black teenage girl at a private school gets invited to a party by a wealthy white student, she struggles to navigate the divide between their world and her own.

A young pianist is afraid he will lose his job. When his boss becomes interested in a girl he is dating, he has the choice to maintain the relationship or use the girl to stay in the boss' good graces.

A young, Black woman clings desperately to a friendship and a relationship which both ended long ago. Through clashes with a "godmother" who appears as an apparition in her apartment, the woman finally resolves to move on.

Kayla and S.T. barge unsuccessfully through several Shabbos parties in search of booze and a boy, finally resigning and turning in, happy to have each other.

Two male college students go to a party to look for a simple hook up, but the two women they find offer them much more.

A young woman with a troubled family life works at a burger restaurant and receives a proposition from an older customer to run away with him. She ignores him and starts a new relationship with someone she has no attraction to.

As the end of the world approaches a wealthy artists’ community, a long-married couple stays with their friends and attends nihilistic, indulgent suicide parties.

Shy but resolute, Martha Fiske meets the eccentric and detached soldier Tony Jones at a party and an intuitive friendship is born. Martha begins to fall for Tony, but as she yearns for permanence and commitment, he backs away from it.

A young man from The Point, has been given the role of escorting older drunk party guests back to their houses.