Short stories tagged with Drunkenness

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After partying for the first time in a while with his childhood friend, a middle-aged father in North Carolina must reckon with the scary truth about his hangover.

Kayla and S.T. barge unsuccessfully through several Shabbos parties in search of booze and a boy, finally resigning and turning in, happy to have each other.

A young boy goes away for the weekend to pick potatoes with his friends and evaluates his friendships along the way.

After falling in love with another man, an insecure woman attempts to discuss her current marriage with her husband while they drink in a bar.

During WWII, years after his parent's divorce, a college student and his brother visit their father and his new wife. However, the visit leaves him disappointed at what his father's life has become.

Frank Boles leaves Minnie's jook joint after a drunken evening and has an unexplainable encounter with an otherworldly visitor.