Short stories published in 1947

Listing 26 stories.

When a man visits an old village called Ain Tadouirt to visit an old friend and conduct research, he becomes captured by a tribe and forced to entertain. He must figure out how to escape a life of enslavement in a foreign land.

An unexpected letter reminds a man that he was once voted "Most Likely To Succeed" by his graduating class. Even though both world wars have changed the course of his life, he realizes that he is not unhappy.

Coworkers at a newspaper gleefully tease one of their peers for his constant stream of passionate affairs, culminating in an intervention when he brings back from Spain the most ludicrous girlfriend yet.

In the U.S. army, the friendship between two Mexican recruits is born of their shared love for music. Tragedy strikes the pair, leaving only one behind with no music left in him.

In a family of immortal vampires, a young boy seems more human than vampire, lacking magical powers and nauseated by the taste of blood. When the boy asks his sister to help him prove himself and impress their relatives at a large family reunion, things don't exactly go as planned.

A landlady says a tearful farewell to one of her Mexican tenants, who must leave due to an expired visa.

On a flight from Miami to New York, a naval officer returning from war and a mysterious older woman share an intimate moment suspended in the air.

A woman whose husband has gone to war finds herself living in his mother's house; her inability to control her impulses rouses the ire of her mother-in-law, and drives her into the arms of her husband's brother.

A man takes his niece to the circus, hoping her sense of wonder will help him feel young again; however, a tragic accident leaves him haunted by the experience.

A group of Marines recall their horrifying memories of fighting on the Pacific front of World War II, while a journalist attempts to glorify their experiences for his readers.