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An unexpected letter reminds a man that he was once voted "Most Likely To Succeed" by his graduating class. Even though both world wars have changed the course of his life, he realizes that he is not unhappy.

A young girl struggles with the idea of gender roles while helping with her father's fox farming business.

All Henry wants is to serve as junior lawyer to his infamous father. But when their latest client happens to be the family of a beautiful girl, Henry finds himself risking his aspirations for her love.

After ten years a man returns to the shore where he encounters a mysterious woman and becomes intertwined in a web of memories, family tension, and unexplainable occurences.

A ghost catcher is worried she'll be kicked out of the family business and, because of this, feels that she has one last chance to have a smooth and successful job.

An aging hitman has felt unwelcome in the Ohio Italian Mafia ever since new leadership took over. But when the young new boss attempts to kill off the hitman, it ends up backfiring on him.

After a lifetime of secrecy, a young girls father finally includes her in the family business, giving her a sense of belonging while also drawing her into the generational curse that comes with a life of taking on other people's pain to allow them a peaceful death.

A carpenter in the midwest struggles to connect with his son who wants to be a poet.

A man tells the story of his son-in-law who used his poetry skills to make real money.