Short stories published in 1928

Listing 21 stories.

A man dips his toe into horse racing with a mysterious business partner, rejoicing at their horse’s success until he is greeted with sinister news of the horse and his partner.

A boy watches as his father takes up the sport of caterpillar racing. When the father's caterpillar faces a scheming and clever opponent, the father risks everything to beat him.

When a serial writer decides that he can’t take more of his monotonous life, he destroys his copywriter and leaves his domestic prison to protest the rise of the machines.

The monotony of an accountant's life seems to be broken when he is interviewed for his favorite newspaper section.

An oboist is told that he is only good for his playing. The oboist is determined to prove that he is also a talented composer as well.

A young boy vows to do anything he must to stop his father from slaughtering his best friend, their pig.

An Irish terrier finds himself in heaven surrounded by everything he had ever wanted before death, but cannot find fulfilment without the one thing he left behind in New York City.

A young man visiting his friend's girlfriend tries to figure out how to process his attraction towards. After a sudden tragedy, he is tasked with tracking her down and delivering old love notes from his friend.

A young American man now living in Europe reflects upon his upbringing and the deaths of his parents. As he reminisces, he must decide whether he should stay in his new life or return to America.

A young cosmetologist in 1920s New York City trades gossip with posh clientele, which leads to a heartrending encounter involving a former friend.