Short stories tagged with Mentorship

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The daughter of a recently-deceased actress discovers that the man she thinks is her father may not be—and that she might actually be the offspring of a highly acclaimed actor who just so happens to be in town.

A disgruntled college professor in Mississippi takes an interest in one of his students, a budding writer, and tries to find him a girlfriend.

An older female employee at a video store mentors a younger girl about the idea of agency, trying to prevent the girl from developing a relationship with an older man who does not have her best intentions in mind.

A young man visiting his friend's girlfriend tries to figure out how to process his attraction towards. After a sudden tragedy, he is tasked with tracking her down and delivering old love notes from his friend.

Despite her friction with other teachers, a young student shows exceptional talent in the writing field and is encouraged by her favorite teacher to continue to kindle that passion and become a writer someday.

A young writer sends an email to his favorite deceased author and receives a surprising response

A journalist interviews his favorite writer, only to discover that her seemingly science fiction novels are more realistic than he realized.

An elderly wizard senses an impending earthquake and asks a former student to help him stop the damage. He also calls upon the transformative magic once taught to him by a cherished female mentor in order to stabilize the ground, becoming irreversibly one with the earth in the process.

A male at a wood chopping factory takes on a nervous new female apprentice but he becomes frustrated with her inability to be safe and efficient.

In a society where civilians are monitored by personality tests that surveil whether they are being perfect citizens, a 1970s high school teacher meets an over-achieving student who forces him to confront the forced boredom dominating his own life.