Short stories published in Analog

Listing 40 stories.

A young Shakespearean play actor finds himself stuck in 6 million year time loop being observed by high-school aged aliens. As John relives the same morning repeatedly--one where his wife leaves him--he becomes more aware of how important connections are as time is not as infinite as he assumes.

In a not-so-distant future, an adventurer takes a risk and travels to Venus only to face a potentially lethal test of his intelligence by the planet's inhabitants.

A robot's specifications are microscopically irregular, which leads it to gain autonomy and offer humans the option to ask it to do absolutely anything.

In an alien world, a human city with fanatic religious beliefs expands by destroying a peaceful alien people’s religious pyramids, disbanding them. However, relics of this human god begin appearing in these alien clans, convincing the human leadership that a miracle is occurring.

In a future where the U.S. is in a state of decline and Japan is the most powerful nation on Earth, an American salesman attempts to sell American landmarks to a Japanese tycoon. An American salesman attempts to sell of his country's landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty to Yankee Stadium, to a wealthy Japanese mogul in a future where the US is broke and Japan is in charge.

In outer space, cat-like alien outwits its human captors until its own plan backfires.

A veteran NYC cop takes a robot designed to replace him out on the beat, and almost loses his job.

A stranger from the faraway future appears in a young man's room in 1952 with an urgent mission.

A woman faces a choice after she is brought back to life after the annihilation of the human race: Should she ask the race who resurrected her to resurrect all humankind?

After being disruptive in class, a child is sent to a social worker’s office and ends up telling her she is actually a 2400-year-old child. She meets the rest of the social worker’s family and gets welcomed as a foster child, but her inability to help the aging grandfather regain his youth creates so much resentment in the family that she must run away.