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When a talented linguist makes contact with the Martian species and is invited into their inner circle, he uncovers a culturally rich civilization in danger of going extinct.

A stranger from the faraway future appears in a young man's room in 1952 with an urgent mission.

Following a messy breakup, an MIT graduate and a PhD student at Indiana University separately talk about the problems in their former relationship in two spliced-together conversations, exploring conflicts surrounding language, intimacy, commitment, and intellectualism.

A linguist is called to investigate robots that seem to have created their own language.

After a man suffers from an accident that requires a futuristic surgery to help him grow his lost brain matter back, he goes on a trip with his two oldest friends through the Sierras. Ridge running across the mountains, he tries to recover the memories and knowledge he lost.

A Los Angeles speech pathologist is assigned to the case of a presumably mentally-ill woman who speaks in gibberish that turns out to be Old English. When the woman disappears, deciphering her mysterious writing leads the pathologist to wonder if she has stumbled across a time traveler.

A journalist begins writing an article critiquing the use of a new software set to replace cognitive memory in humans, and is forced to reimagine his perception of self and his relationship with his daughter in the process.