Short stories by Ted Chiang

Ted Chiang’s fiction has won four Hugo, four Nebula, and four Locus awards, and has been featured in The Best American Short Stories. His debut collection, Stories of Your Life and Others, has been translated into twenty-one languages. He was born in Port Jefferson, New York, and currently lives near Seattle, Washington.

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In the far future, an invention called "the prism" uses quantum mechanics to cause divergences in future timelines and create a means of communication across these alternate realities. Two different women explore the choices they have made in their own lives and the regrets they harbor--and have to figure out how to ultimately make peace with their decisions.

A disabled, non-devout man tries to love God more than his wife who died after an angelic visitation from Heaven causes her to bleed to death.

On the campus of Pembleton College, a fierce debate arises. Should the student body mandate calliagnosia, a neurological imposition that prevents one from seeing and evaluating the beauty of others? Hear what students, professors, lobbyists, and others have to say regarding the matter right before the consequential vote.

A grieving mother and accomplished linguist relives her child's lost life as she learns to communicate with the aliens that have landed on earth.

A modern Puerto Rican parrot meditates on why humans seek intelligence in other corners of the universe while they neglect the refined communicative capacities of their neighboring parrots.

A wealthy but sad merchant meets a man in the City of Peace who tells him of a gate that will allow the merchant to step twenty years into the past and visit his former self. He travels back in time and learns that nothing can erase the past.

A journalist begins writing an article critiquing the use of a new software set to replace cognitive memory in humans, and is forced to reimagine his perception of self and his relationship with his daughter in the process.

Thousands of years in the past, men in Babylon try to build a tower that reaches heaven. One miner, in his exploration, learns the mind-baffling true shape of the world.