Short stories published in Omni

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While attending a science convention in Hollywood, a physicist begins to notice similarities between quantum theory and her own life.

A young man who has wasted his life finds himself sucked into a non-human world — a gray, ghostly landscape to which those who don't make use of their time are drawn, potentially forever.

In a futuristic world, a nomadic thief meets a wealthy young girl who is a programming genius, and just so happens to have the one thing he needs to score big in his most recent gamble.

As the entirety of the United Kingdom begins to shift and float towards the United States, a man has to contend with the changes to his daily routine and the possibility of his town of Brighton being forced next to New York.

When an explosion on Long Island results in the loss of an important scientist named Mercer, Avery Roda, Vice President of Draper Fawcett enlists graphologist Gordon Sills to help him locate the woman who might have the answers.

Aliens land in an 1890 south Texas town and attack, leaving the town's sherif no choice but to motivate the townspeople to defend their home.

In a futuristic society, humans are bred and raised to be frozen as sculptures and displayed at art museums — until one attendee decides to set them free.

A man adopts a cage full of insects that engage in ritual war against each other and soon comes to be their god. When he begins to act cruelly against them as a corrupt exploration of his own power, the insects escape and begin a killing spree.

A Los Angeles speech pathologist is assigned to the case of a presumably mentally-ill woman who speaks in gibberish that turns out to be Old English. When the woman disappears, deciphering her mysterious writing leads the pathologist to wonder if she has stumbled across a time traveler.

In a futuristic society, after his wife's death, a man starts re-watching her life through the hundreds of hours of surveillance footage recorded by a personal drone.