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An AIDS patient in California steals an experimental government tech that cures his disease and enhances his human performance. He and his friend concoct a plan to release the tech into the general population.

A movie star lost in grief over the death of his long-term girlfriend injects himself with her digitally-preserved personality so he can hallucinate her presence, but the visions begin to go horribly wrong.

A writer for the ’60s most famed and experimental television series watches the shows phantasmic creator choose between recluse genius and a quaint life of normalcy. Faced with stubborn alcoholism, a hit television series resemblant of the twilight zone, and a tree stump with questionably magical properties, the narrator watches cinematic wunderkind David Findley toe the line between brilliance and delusion.

While attending a science convention in Hollywood, a physicist begins to notice similarities between quantum theory and her own life.

After a young woman's ninety-nine-year-old neighbor peacefully dies, the old woman's family asks her to sort through her belongings for them. To her surprise, the young woman finds treasures the short-sighted family overlooked and her luck turns for the better.

In Sheridan, Wyoming during the Red Scare, two migrant workers--an escaped convict and a union organizer--run into trouble with their boss--a corrupt Western movie star who rapes the ex-convict's girlfriend--that places them back on the run. Trouble stemming from the union organizer's reputation as a so-called dangerous Communist follows them to their next job in Montana. In a tense and fast-paced turn of events, the union organizer sacrifices his life to exact revenge on their former boss and the ex-convict and his girlfriend escape to Canada.

In a distant future where movies are made across the solar system, a filmmaker encounters several obstacles before making a groundbreaking discovery.

A Hollywood film production in a small rural town threatens to destroy everything a young, scrappy local kid knows about his life.

After meeting a beautiful boy at the ice rink, a sixteen-year-old girl goes through the rhythm of magical love and bitter disappointment.

When a working-class family brings their beautiful and talented three-year-old daughter to audition for a film company, they must push her to her limits to prove her skills.