Short stories tagged with Acting

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An actress rolls through the plan of a rehearsed production while making small mistakes to spite the production team.

In a Paris churchyard, a man and his friend bear witness to the bizarre transformation of man into bird and a Bird Man into something more perhaps dangerous.

A college freshman, Eugene, has been struggling with his identity since he was assaulted by an older man at aged fourteen. After an evening of partying in New York, Eugene meets a gay man named Kent on the train and decides to take ownership of himself and his body.

When a prominent actor has his mind wiped and resold on the black market, a brain police officer goes undercover to find who is responsible — but in doing so, uncovers a scheme that makes her question even her own identity.

An elderly shopkeeper tells a customer about his experiences as a prominent actor's understudy for various decades. The customer witnesses how the old man's obsessions with his unfulfilling acting career still occupy his everyday thoughts and behaviors.

The characters found in jokes are forced to act out the jokes every time they are told.

On his sixth birthday, a young boy receives a surprise present that forever changes his perspective on life.

A man living full-time as a caveman in a historical exhibit where he isn't supposed to speak English and has to pay for his poop to be removed is pressured by his exploitative employer to report his work partner's violation of their rules, despite knowing that she needs to send her family money as desperately as he does.

A gay man living in Chicago and working for special events at NPR puts his job—and failing relationship—on the line when he offers his best friend from high school an acting job, knowing that his friend has lost all ability to act.

A theatre actor visits his aging father in a nursing home after speaking out about the Vietnam War.