Short stories tagged with Investigation

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A string of veteran suicides causes an investigation that raises more questions than answers.

A Japanese woman who has begun to forget her name, frantically seeks the help of an eccentric clinician who eventually claims to know what happened to her name.

When a low-life janitor is framed for a brutal murder, a politician and his henchmen work to solve the case themselves.

A Montana police deputy accidentally crosses paths with two violent escaped felons in the middle of a forest wildfire.

A mother takes her daughter to hide in Costa Rica after her husband is murdered. Meanwhile, a cop with psychic powers pursues them.

A woman notices a decrepit house moving closer to hers and decides to investigate it with her friends.

In a small, American, Southern town shortly after the civil war, a deputy and a nurse investigate the murder of a businessman from Michigan. The murderer turns out to be someone they'd never have expected.

When a prominent actor has his mind wiped and resold on the black market, a brain police officer goes undercover to find who is responsible — but in doing so, uncovers a scheme that makes her question even her own identity.

An investigator stays in a family home in order to become acquainted with the family and all their intricacies while he investigates the case of family's adult son, who has threatens to kill the president of the United States to spare the lives of those involved in Vietnam.

A detective in the Wild West must grapple with his own secret past while he investigates new details surrounding a murder from 22 years ago.