Short stories tagged with Identity

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An adolescent runaway considers enlisting to fight in World War II so that he can escape getting involved in the crimes happening around him.

When a group of college boys cross paths with a girl known for her infamous sexual activities, they try to entice her into a night out, only to find she has become a different person.

Faced with inexplicable suffering in a locked ward of a mental hospital, a young woman must choose whether to give up or live life on her own terms.

While her boyfriend travels through Europe, a paralegal moves into a new apartment with two new roommates. Against the backdrop of their wildly dissimilar personalities, she reexamines her values.

Visiting Tokyo in the 1980s, a Swedish aspiring civil rights attorney from Minnesota spends her last night with a Japanese lover.

A Japanese woman who has begun to forget her name, frantically seeks the help of an eccentric clinician who eventually claims to know what happened to her name.

The child of two psychiatrists grows up in a social bubble consisting of her parents' colleagues and their children. She forms a special bond with one of the colleagues in particular, an asexual male psychologist who functions as an aunt.

A first-generation college student, hours from graduating, dreads leaving school and her faculty mentor for the "real world" and her traditional, Eastern European parents.

After his army friend finds a girlfriend, an American veteran subsisting on the G.I. Bill is left on his own to search for meaning in his life in post-war Paris.

While they were originally set on different paths after graduation, a young boy and girl get engaged. They decide to have their teacher as their witness, but once they discover their teacher had killed herself, they break their engagement.