Short stories tagged with Black Author

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An adolescent runaway considers enlisting to fight in World War II so that he can escape getting involved in the crimes happening around him.

When a picture of a college freshman in a Confederate flag bikini begins circulating online, the teenager must decide whether to shrug off the backlash or face the consequences of her own actions.

When faced with cultural appropriation and police brutality, two Black women in different generations of the same family combine their ability to perform hoodoo with modern technology to remedy these abuses.

When a dog discovers a dead child in a trash can, his owner seeks help from a local family man.

A date interrupted by gunfire leads to a reevaluation of a young relationship.

A boy’s idolized uncle immigrates to the United States. As the child grows into a man in late twentieth-century Nigeria, his relative’s absence takes a toll on the family. When the two men finally meet up years later, the encounter reveals unfulfilled dreams.

A poor, 9-year-old, Black boy travels with a church camp to visit a house in a wealthy, white neighborhood with a pool to play in and lots of food. When the group's usual host is out of town and the van takes them to a Black woman's house instead, the boy begins to learn lessons about race and class that he does not yet fully understand.

A young Barbadian woman takes her twisted revenge on a scorned lover during a bacchanalian Carnival celebration.

In an apocalyptic far future where aliens have driven humanity underground, a superhuman mother goes on a journey to kill the strongest of the aliens. However, in order to complete her mission, she must take her family with her and ask them to make sacrifices of their own—for her, and for the liberation of the human race.

A black teenage boy experiences a brief and fragile relationship with his Mexican neighbor who recently migrated to the U.S. As two boys who explore their sexuality together, they find solace in their simple yet intimate experiences despite struggles at home with parents.