Short stories tagged with Burial

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When a dog discovers a dead child in a trash can, his owner seeks help from a local family man.

After partying for the first time in a while with his childhood friend, a middle-aged father in North Carolina must reckon with the scary truth about his hangover.

In 19th century Charleston, South Carolina, a middle aged Black woman uses her family tea to revive Black corpses. One night, she makes a shocking discovery about the man who's kept the bodies hidden.

A young man in a post-apocalyptic future embarks on a journey to take his parents' ashes to an impossible mountaintop ocean, despite tragic tales of the ill-fated travelers who made the journey before.

When a middle-aged man from a Jewish household goes to visit his father in the hospital, he learns that his father was not born Jewish but unofficially converted and was never circumcised. The man must now find a way to have his father circumcised so he can be buried next to his late wife in a cemetery only for Orthodox Jews.

In a time during Jim Crow, a black man buries a white judge in a black only cemetery. When the white people find out, the man must escape before he is lynched.

A man wakes up one day and realizes the world has ended, and he is the only survivor. He wanders aimlessly and crashes at another house before encountering a woman, who seems to be the only other survivor.

The body of a sixty-three-year-old Mohawk woman's little brother is uncovered at the construction site of a fast food company fifty years after his death, which prompts her to grapple with questions of assimilation and memory.

A man who has just been released from prison and his criminal father drive around in search of a palm-sized diamond the son had hidden four years earlier.